Animal Welfare Alliance

of Henderson County, NC



Founded in 2000 by Don Gladieux and his wife, Rose Marie Gladieux, the Animal Welfare Alliance was conceived as a nexus for coordinating the efforts of animal welfare organizations in our area, including veterinary clinics and shelters.


For several years, a program of the AWA underwrote annual spaying and neutering initiatives, saving lives by making these procedures more accessible and affordable. Currently we work with Community Partnership for Pets, whose spay/neuter expertise is prominent in this region. The AWA produces educational spay/neuter videos for Community Partnership and has contributed to their fourth-grade in-school education program on pet ownership responsibility.


Since 2011, the AWA's Emergency Veterinary Assistance program has helped pay for veterinary care for pets whose owners have fallen on hard times. The AWA does not work directly with pet owners; rather, area veterinary clinics contact us when they have a client in need of help.


The AWA has also provided a home for abandoned and abused animals. Our sheltering ability is limited by the capacity of our facility as well as legal restrictions and the variability of funds and manpower.


The AWA receives major support from the estate of Don and Rose Marie Gladieux. We also welcome donations from generous individuals concerned about the welfare of innocent animals in our area. In 2014, the AWA received a grant from the Community Foundation of Henderson County to help fund our Emergency Veterinary Assistance program. Donations for support of AWA programs are also solicited through traditional media and this website.

Who We Are, What We Do

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